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How We Got Here

Our interest in different cultures influences our unique beads. Focused primarily on abalone jewelry.

The best selection of Canadian-made high-quality beaded bracelets and keychains at unbeatable prices.  Wood & Gems are sourced from around the world, and each and every one is carefully selected to ensure the best composition of colour, cut, and clarity. Our new collection is made from beads sourced from the Philippines. Check out our most popular bracelet made from Abalone beads the abalone shell bracelet. Check out our new opal petrified wood earrings today.









I have always been interested in spirituality, different types of stones, wood, and their energy. Each stone used can help heal different areas of your life due to its energy. Each handmade beaded bracelet is crafted with the intention of bringing peace and tranquillity. The bracelets are designed to be lived in, layered, stacked, and evolve with you.  Check it out and start shopping today!

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